Welcome to WHL Assist!

WHL Assist is a provider of support services for booking websites within the WHL Group.  Our clients are our local partners – the local tourism operators worldwide who own and operate and Urban Adventures booking websites.

Our local partners are members of a worldwide family of local tourism professionals.

WHL Group is the largest local-travel company in the world, a global network of companies that help travellers find unique ways to experience a destination through local tourism professionals. WHL Group companies empower local partners who have practice in experiential and mindful travel and a local's knack for identifying, explaining and sustaining the distinctive qualities of a place. is a subsidiary of the WHL Group. With a focus on emerging markets and off-the-beaten-track destinations, is a global online travel-booking network that emphasizes responsible travel and keeping things local by focusing on smaller hotels, guesthouses and tour operators, particularly in developing countries and emerging markets.

Hotel Link Solutions
offers a comprehensive global digital-marketing and sales solution for accommodation providers that comprises a range of low-cost interoperable modules that can be purchased as and when needed.

Urban Adventures is a partnership between WHL Group and Intrepid Travel. Urban Adventures offers unique day tours in over 100 cities around the world. With Urban Adventures teams in every destination, you are assured a real local experience.

WHL Group incubates innovation in an unique brand of travel – travel that is experiential, sustainable, responsible, and beneficial to local communities and local environments. New members to the WHL Group family include Gunyah, Lime and Tonic, and Green Path Transfers.