User defined pages

Creates a new page on your portal with at least 450 words of original text, with topic and keywords relevant to your destination and product offering.  Includes sourcing of photos, optimized meta tags, and content interlinking with the rest of the site.  1 page is created over a month's time

Hotel and tour page re-writes

Product description re-writes will be sourced from content provided from original material and additional online research to highlight and expand on the details of the hotel. 

Photo page and video page enhancement

Uses internet research and provided materials as sources to make sure your portal's pages is up to par by reaching the minimum of 30 photos and optimizing their tags.  Or makes sure your portal's video page is up to par by reaching the minimum of 5 videos and optimizing their tags. 

Blog article creation on The Travel Word

Creates an original 700-800 word feature article using your provided source material and additional research. Includes at least 5 links to your portal.

Blog article editing on The Travel Word

Re-writing of your 700-800 word article to meet our editorial standards.  Incorporates your provided photo material and at least 5 links back to your portal

Trazzler article creation

A short 120-word 'trip' article on one of your products on the Trazzler online publication and advertising platform. Includes at least one link back to your portal