Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What kinds of support services does WHL Assist offer?

A. Our services fall under four major categories

  1. SEO and SEM services can increase the visibility of your booking website in both organic searches and paid searches
  2. Content services will help you create high quality professional-level digital content, both on your booking website and elsewhere on the internet
  3. Social Media services will help you build up a healthy, growing presence in the brave new world of social media
  4. Competitiveness services will research direct competitors and prices to make sure that the products listed on your site can perform in a crowded online marketplace.

Q. How do I know what combination of services are most necessary for my booking website?

A. As part of your WHL Group user fees, we provide support staff of project managers to answer your questions and troubleshoot your problems.  This is same staff that will perform an annual review of your site and its performance.  The review will conclude with points of action for you to take.  If you don't have the time or local resources to take all actions prescribed, WHL Assist is here with extra pairs of capable hands.

Or, if you already know what areas and services are priorities for your booking site, you can contact us directly before your annual review.  

Q. I don't see any prices on the services menu.  Are these services free for members?

A. Your membership fees cover the annual review. From there, we will work together with project managers to come up with a bundle of services and quote a price.  The price will depend on variables such as the size of the bundle of services, the size and current condition of the booking site, etc.

It's important to clarify that the WHL Group will continue to provide the manuals, tools, training and encouragement for all MPOs to be self sufficient in all areas of business. We are not selling any services through WHL Assist which an MPO cannot do themselves. We are fully supportive of MPOs who wish to carry out this work themselves or wish to learn and we facilitate it as best we can. However the reality is that many are either too time constrained to do all this work themselves or simply find the tasks too difficult to do themselves, and hence are happy to outsource the work. This is where WHL Assist comes in, to provide you with another pair of hands to do what you need to do.

Q. How will progress on the contracts be tracked and reported?

A. The first step of a services contract will be to provide you with an initial report that includes metrics from traffic analytics and sales reports.  Upon service completion, we will provide a final report documenting all activity and measuring traffic and sales results against previous performance.

Q. Can WHL Assist guarantee a return on investment in services?

A. We can do a lot to increase traffic to your site in measurable ways. A more important element is being able to convert visitors into paying customers, and this is largely in the hands of the MPO through quick response times, listing quality product and providing good general customer service. What we aim to do is increase the amount of visitors to your site who are likely to buy your products. High traffic sites are generally those that rank well in search listings for the right keywords and those that have high conversion rates due to a good site, good product and good service.

Q. How does WHL Assist process payments?

A. Billing services will go through the same billing system that processes your user fees.

Q. Are these services also available for my non-WHL website?

A. At the moment, we are best equipped to work with websites within the WHL Group network.