Keyword Research

Uses various data sources to measure exhisting keyword strengths and additional keyword opportunities given global search volumes and competitiveness. Evaluates both specific product keyword opportunities and general destination-based keyword opportunities.

Link building campaigns

2 links a month. Our link builders check the quality and page rank of the link exchange partner site, and follow up to ensure that the link is placed and retained. 

Meta tag adjustments

Enhances default title tags and keyword tags to include more targeted keywords, enhances description tags to be more compelling and clickable in search engine results pages. Meta tags on 10 pages are adjusted over a month's time

Intersite linking

Links your site content to accommodation, tour, and information pages, using keywords as anchor text.  Allows for more effective search engine indexing and longer user time on site. 15 new intersite links are added over a month's time

Blog and forum commenting

Researches high-visibility blog articles and online forums related to your products, posts comments with links back to your portal and its product pages. 10 comments are posted over a month's time

Paid Google Adwords campaigns

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